Sorensen SGI800-18.7 Power Supply Repair and Calibration

Sorensen SGI800-18.7 Repair and Calibration


Repair and Calibration Services for Sorensen SGI800-18.7 DC Power Supply, 800V, 18.7A, 15kW


Sorensen Repair

Sorensen, part of Ametek Programmable Power, is a well-known manufacturer of precision power supplies used in a variety of applications including research and development, testing, and production. Here's an overview of key Sorensen products and their functionalities:
  1. DC Power Supplies:
    • XG Series: These programmable DC power supplies offer a wide range of voltage and current outputs with high power density, making them suitable for applications such as automated testing, semiconductor testing, and industrial automation. They feature advanced digital control and a variety of communication interfaces.
    • DCS Series: Known for their reliability and precise control, these power supplies provide clean, stable DC output. They are used in laboratories, production testing, and other applications requiring accurate power control.
    • DLM Series: These compact DC power supplies provide up to 3000W of power with flexible output voltage and current ranges. They are ideal for bench-top testing, automated test systems, and industrial processes.
    • SGX Series: High-power programmable DC power supplies offering up to 15 kW per unit, designed for demanding applications such as aerospace, automotive, and industrial testing. They feature advanced control and monitoring capabilities.
  2. AC Power Sources:
    • ASX Series: These programmable AC power sources provide high-performance AC power for testing and simulating real-world power conditions. They are used in applications like avionics, telecommunications, and compliance testing.
    • ACV Series: This series offers flexible, programmable AC power solutions with precise control over voltage, frequency, and waveforms. They are suitable for applications requiring variable AC power such as product development and quality assurance.
  3. Electronic Loads:
    • SL Series: Programmable electronic loads that can simulate various load conditions for testing power supplies, batteries, and other power sources. They offer high accuracy and flexibility, making them suitable for laboratory and production environments.
    • SLM Series: These loads provide modular, scalable solutions for high-power testing applications, featuring multiple modes of operation (constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance, and constant power).
  4. High-Voltage Power Supplies:
    • HPD Series: These high-voltage DC power supplies offer precise control and stability for applications such as particle accelerators, electrostatic applications, and high-voltage testing.
    • XG Series High Voltage: Extensions of the standard XG series, these power supplies provide high-voltage outputs for specialized testing and industrial applications.
  5. Modular Power Systems:
    • XBT Series: These modular power supplies offer flexible, scalable power solutions with multiple output channels. They are used in automated test systems, burn-in testing, and other multi-channel power applications.
    • XEL Series: Compact, modular power supplies designed for integration into automated test equipment and other systems requiring multiple power outputs.
  6. Battery Test Systems:
    • BTS Series: Specialized power supplies and electronic loads designed for battery testing applications. They provide precise control and measurement capabilities for testing battery performance, lifecycle, and safety.
  7. Programmable Power Systems:
    • PRO Series: These systems combine multiple power supplies into a single programmable unit, offering high power density and advanced control features. They are used in applications requiring multiple power outputs and complex testing procedures.
Sorensen products are known for their high quality, precision, and reliability, making them essential tools for various applications in electronics testing, research and development, and industrial processes.
Sorensen Repair


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