Source Measurement Unit Repair

June Company boasts a team of technicians with specialized knowledge in SMU technologies from various manufacturers. Their expertise enables accurate diagnosis and resolution of intricate issues, ensuring precise repairs, rebuilds, and refurbishments.

Comprehensive Services:

Their service portfolio covers a broad spectrum of solutions for SMUs, addressing issues such as voltage and current accuracy, signal stability, and circuit integrity. They meticulously source components to guarantee compliance with technical standards and regulations.

ISO9000 Calibration:

June Company provides ISO9000 calibration services tailored specifically for SMUs. These calibrations are essential for maintaining accurate voltage and current measurements. Calibration procedures adhere strictly to ISO9000 standards and align with regulations set by organizations such as NIST in the United States.

Regulatory Compliance:

Throughout the repair, rebuild, refurbishment, and calibration processes, June Company adheres rigorously to regulatory standards established by organizations like the FCC and NIST in the United States. They ensure strict compliance with technical requirements outlined by these regulatory bodies.

Quality Assurance:

June Company upholds stringent quality control measures to ensure that every repair, rebuild, refurbishment, and calibration service meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. Compliance with relevant technical standards and regulations ensures the safe and efficient operation of SMUs.

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Showing all 7 results