Kubler Encoder Repair

At June Company Industrial Services, our service engineers and electronic technicians specialize in providing expert Kubler encoder repair services. To request a Kubler encoder repair service quotation, all you need to do is complete our user-friendly Kubler Quick Quote Form. Once you’ve submitted your information, one of our experienced customer service associates will promptly reach out to assist you. Your inquiry will be addressed as quickly as possible, ensuring a seamless process.


Kubler Encoder Repair

June Company offers a range of service options, including standard and rush Kuebler encoder repair services, along with Kubler encoder calibration services. Our expert team provides comprehensive Kubler encoder repair and calibration services, both nationally in the United States and internationally. To request a quotation for Kubler rotary encoder repair, please complete the Kuebler Repair Quick Quote Form. Expect a prompt response from one of our knowledgeable customer service associates, typically within an hour of your inquiry.


Kubler Repair

Kübler is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality sensors, encoders, and automation technology for a variety of industrial applications. Their products are used extensively in motion control, automation, and process engineering. Here’s an overview of key Kübler product categories and their functionalities:

1. Encoders

Incremental Encoders

  • Features: Provide information about the position and speed of a rotating object.
  • Popular Models:
    • Sendix 5000/5020: Robust encoders with high resistance to shocks and vibrations.
  • Applications: Motor feedback, conveyor systems, packaging machines.

Absolute Encoders

  • Features: Deliver precise position data in single-turn or multi-turn configurations.
  • Popular Models:
    • Sendix F36: Compact design, suitable for limited installation spaces.
    • Sendix 5853/5873: High resolution and robust design for demanding environments.
  • Applications: Robotics, industrial automation, solar tracking systems.

Linear Encoders

  • Features: Measure linear displacement directly.
  • Popular Models:
    • Limes LI20/LA10: Contactless magnetic measuring systems.
  • Applications: Linear actuators, CNC machines, elevators.

2. Position and Motion Sensors

Draw-Wire Encoders

  • Features: Convert linear movement into a measurable electrical signal.
  • Popular Models:
    • C100: Compact and robust for various measuring lengths.
  • Applications: Mobile machinery, cranes, hoists.


  • Features: Measure angles of tilt or inclination with high precision.
  • Popular Models:
    • IN81: Highly robust and precise inclinometers.
  • Applications: Construction machinery, solar panels, agricultural vehicles.

3. Counters and Process Devices

Counters and Displays

  • Features: Count events, measure time, and display process values.
  • Popular Models:
    • Codix 52x: Multifunction counters and process indicators.
  • Applications: Production monitoring, batch counting, length measurement.


  • Features: Measure and control time-based processes.
  • Popular Models:
    • Codix 56x: Programmable time counters and timers.
  • Applications: Industrial process control, machine run-time monitoring.

4. Slip Rings

Slip Rings

  • Features: Transmit power, signals, and data from a stationary to a rotating structure.
  • Popular Models:
    • SR060: Modular and compact slip rings.
  • Applications: Wind turbines, packaging machines, rotary tables.

5. Safety and Functional Safety

Safety Encoders

  • Features: Encoders designed to meet strict safety standards.
  • Popular Models:
    • Sendix SIL Series: Certified for use in safety applications.
  • Applications: Automated guided vehicles (AGVs), safety doors, crane control systems.
Kübler provides a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the precise measurement and automation needs of modern industries. Their encoders, position sensors, counters, process devices, slip rings, and safety solutions are known for their accuracy, reliability, and robustness. These products are used in a wide variety of applications, from industrial automation and machinery to renewable energy and transportation. Kübler's commitment to innovation and quality makes them a trusted partner for companies seeking to enhance their automation and motion control systems.
Kubler Repair


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