IFI Instruments T251-400 TWT Amplifier Repair and Calibration

IFI Instruments T251-400 Repair and Calibration


IFI Instruments T251-400 TWT Amplifier, 1 – 2.5 GHz, 400W Repair and Calibration


IFI Instruments Repair

IFI Instruments (Instruments for Industry) is a manufacturer specializing in high-frequency and microwave test equipment. Their products are used in various industries, including aerospace, defense, communications, medical, and electronics manufacturing. Here’s an overview of key IFI Instruments product categories and their functionalities:

1. RF and Microwave Amplifiers

Solid State RF Amplifiers

  • Features: Provide high power and reliability for RF and microwave applications.
  • Popular Models:
    • S Series: Solid state amplifiers covering frequencies from 1 MHz to 40 GHz.
    • M Series: Multi-octave band solid state amplifiers for broad frequency range applications.
  • Applications: EMC testing, communications, radar systems, and research labs.

TWT Amplifiers

  • Features: Use Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) technology for high power and broad bandwidth.
  • Popular Models:
    • TWT-A Series: Amplifiers providing high power output up to 50 GHz.
    • TWT-P Series: Pulse amplifiers for high peak power applications.
  • Applications: High-frequency communications, radar systems, and electronic warfare.

2. EMC Test Equipment

EMC Test Systems

  • Features: Comprehensive systems for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing.
  • Popular Models:
    • EMC-RF Series: RF amplifiers and accessories designed for EMC testing.
    • EMC-T Series: Complete turnkey EMC test systems.
  • Applications: Compliance testing, product development, and certification.

Antenna Systems

  • Features: Specialized antennas for RF and microwave measurements.
  • Popular Models:
    • Log Periodic Antennas: Wideband antennas for EMC and EMI testing.
    • Horn Antennas: High-gain antennas for microwave frequency testing.
  • Applications: EMC testing, signal reception, and transmission studies.

3. Power Meter and Sensors

RF Power Meters

  • Features: Accurate measurement of RF and microwave power.
  • Popular Models:
    • PM Series: Precision power meters with wide dynamic range.
  • Applications: Power measurement in communications, radar systems, and research.

Power Sensors

  • Features: Sensors for accurate and reliable power measurement.
  • Popular Models:
    • PS Series: High-accuracy power sensors for various frequency ranges.
  • Applications: RF power measurement, calibration, and test setups.

4. Signal Generators

RF Signal Generators

  • Features: Generate precise RF and microwave signals for testing and development.
  • Popular Models:
    • SG Series: Signal generators with broad frequency coverage and high stability.
  • Applications: Signal generation for testing, research, and development.

5. Antenna Measurement Systems

Antenna Measurement Solutions

  • Features: Systems and accessories for measuring antenna performance.
  • Popular Models:
    • AMS Series: Complete systems for antenna pattern and gain measurements.
  • Applications: Antenna design, testing, and validation.

6. Microwave Components

Microwave Switches

  • Features: High-performance switches for RF and microwave applications.
  • Popular Models:
    • SW Series: Electromechanical and solid-state switches for high-frequency switching.
  • Applications: Signal routing, test setups, and communications systems.


  • Features: Devices to reduce signal strength without distorting the waveform.
  • Popular Models:
    • AT Series: Fixed and variable attenuators for precise signal control.
  • Applications: Signal conditioning, testing, and calibration.

7. Custom Solutions

Custom RF and Microwave Solutions

  • Features: Tailored solutions to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Capabilities: Custom amplifier designs, specialized test setups, and unique measurement systems.
  • Applications: Specialized research, unique testing needs, and custom product development.


IFI Instruments offers a wide range of high-frequency and microwave test equipment designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industries. Their products, including RF and microwave amplifiers, EMC test equipment, power meters and sensors, signal generators, antenna measurement systems, and microwave components, are known for their precision, reliability, and advanced technology. Whether it’s for EMC testing, communications, radar systems, or research and development, IFI Instruments provides the solutions necessary to ensure accurate measurements and high performance. Their custom solutions further enhance their ability to meet specific customer needs, making them a trusted partner in the field of RF and microwave testing.
IFI Instruments Repair


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