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Hioki PW3198 Power Quality Analyzer Repair and Calibration

Hioki PW3198 Repair and Calibration


Hioki PW3198 Power Quality Analyzer Repair and Calibration


Hioki Repair

Hioki is a leading manufacturer of electrical measuring instruments and test equipment. Their products are known for their precision, reliability, and innovative technology, serving a wide range of industries, including electrical engineering, electronics, energy, and manufacturing. Here’s an overview of Hioki's key product categories and their functionalities:

1. Multimeters

Digital Multimeters

  • Features: Measure voltage, current, resistance, and other electrical parameters with high accuracy.
  • Popular Models:
    • DT4261: High-precision multimeter with advanced features for professional use.
    • DT4282: High-accuracy multimeter suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Applications: Electrical troubleshooting, electronics testing, and maintenance work.

2. Clamp Meters

Clamp Meters

  • Features: Measure current without the need to disconnect circuits using a clamp mechanism.
  • Popular Models:
    • CM4376: AC/DC clamp meter with Bluetooth capabilities.
    • 3280-10F: Compact and lightweight clamp meter for general-purpose use.
  • Applications: Electrical maintenance, current measurement, and safety checks.

3. Power Quality Analyzers

Power Quality Analyzers

  • Features: Monitor and analyze power quality parameters, including voltage, current, harmonics, and power factor.
  • Popular Models:
    • PQ3198: Advanced power quality analyzer for detailed analysis.
    • PW3198: Portable power quality analyzer with comprehensive measurement capabilities.
  • Applications: Power quality assessment, troubleshooting electrical issues, and energy audits.

4. Battery Testers

Battery Testers

  • Features: Assess the health, capacity, and performance of various types of batteries.
  • Popular Models:
    • BT3554: Battery tester for maintenance of UPS and storage batteries.
    • BT4560: Battery impedance meter for research and development.
  • Applications: Battery maintenance, quality control, and R&D.

5. Insulation Testers

Insulation Resistance Testers

  • Features: Measure the insulation resistance of electrical equipment to ensure safety and reliability.
  • Popular Models:
    • IR4057-50: High-voltage insulation tester with robust features.
    • 3455: Insulation tester for high-voltage applications.
  • Applications: Electrical safety testing, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting.

6. LCR Meters

LCR Meters

  • Features: Measure inductance, capacitance, and resistance with high precision.
  • Popular Models:
    • IM3536: High-frequency LCR meter with extensive measurement capabilities.
    • IM3523: Portable LCR meter for on-site testing.
  • Applications: Component testing, quality control, and R&D in electronics.

7. Oscilloscopes


  • Features: Visualize and analyze electrical signals over time.
  • Popular Models:
    • MR6000: High-speed memory recorder for capturing fast transients.
    • MR8847A: Multichannel oscilloscope with high sampling rates.
  • Applications: Signal analysis, troubleshooting, and research in electronics and electrical engineering.

8. Data Loggers

Data Loggers

  • Features: Record and monitor various environmental and electrical parameters over time.
  • Popular Models:
    • LR8450: Wireless data logger with high-speed logging capabilities.
    • LR8410-30: Multi-channel logger for temperature, voltage, and other measurements.
  • Applications: Environmental monitoring, process control, and data acquisition.

9. Earth Testers

Earth Ground Testers

  • Features: Measure the resistance of earth grounding systems to ensure proper grounding.
  • Popular Models:
    • FT6031-03: Earth ground tester with robust features for field use.
    • FT6380: Clamp-on ground resistance tester for non-intrusive measurements.
  • Applications: Grounding system testing, electrical safety checks, and maintenance.

10. Thermal Imagers

Thermal Imaging Cameras

  • Features: Detect and visualize heat patterns and temperatures using infrared technology.
  • Popular Models:
    • FT6380: High-resolution thermal imager for detailed inspections.
    • FT3701-20: Compact thermal imager for versatile applications.
  • Applications: Electrical inspections, preventive maintenance, and building diagnostics.


Hioki's range of electrical measuring instruments and test equipment are designed to provide high precision, reliability, and advanced functionality for various industrial and commercial applications. Their products, including multimeters, clamp meters, power quality analyzers, battery testers, insulation testers, LCR meters, oscilloscopes, data loggers, earth testers, and thermal imagers, are essential for ensuring safety, efficiency, and performance in electrical and electronic systems. Whether it's troubleshooting electrical issues, performing preventive maintenance, or conducting research and development, Hioki's solutions are trusted by professionals worldwide for their quality and innovation.
Hioki Repair


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