Chroma 6415 AC Source Repair and Calibration

Chroma 6415 Repair and Calibration


Chroma 6415 AC Source, 0-300V, 45-1000Hz, 1500VA, 1 Phase Repair and Calibration


Chroma Repair

Chroma ATE Inc. is a global leader in providing precision test and measurement instrumentation. They offer a wide range of products that cater to various industries, including electronics, electric vehicles, solar energy, LED, and power supplies. Here is an overview of Chroma's key product lines and their functionalities:

1. Programmable Power Supplies

Chroma offers a variety of programmable power supplies for different testing applications.

DC Power Supplies

  • 62000P Series: High power density, low noise, and fast transient response, ideal for testing electric vehicle components and power modules.
  • 62000H Series: High-voltage DC power supplies used in photovoltaic (PV) inverter testing, battery simulation, and aerospace applications.

AC Power Sources

  • 61500 Series: Programmable AC power sources with comprehensive features such as harmonic generation, arbitrary waveform generation, and measurement functions. Used in testing household appliances, avionics, and telecommunications equipment.
  • 61600 Series: High-performance AC power sources suitable for power electronics testing, including grid-tied inverter testing and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) testing.

2. Electronic Loads

Chroma provides electronic loads for testing power supplies, batteries, and other power devices.

DC Electronic Loads

  • 63000 Series: Modular electronic loads that provide high accuracy and flexibility, ideal for power supply and battery testing.
  • 63200A Series: High-power DC electronic loads used in testing fuel cells, power electronic components, and high-power DC/DC converters.

AC Electronic Loads

  • 63800 Series: AC electronic loads designed for testing UPS systems, grid-tied inverters, and AC power sources. They offer features like power factor adjustment and regenerative capabilities.

3. Battery Testing Systems

Chroma offers comprehensive battery testing solutions for various battery types and applications.

17020 Series

  • Battery Charge/Discharge Test System: Designed for testing lithium-ion batteries, providing high precision and reliability for charge/discharge cycles, life cycle testing, and capacity testing.

17040 Series

  • Regenerative Battery Pack Test System: Used for testing battery packs and modules with energy regenerative capabilities, making it suitable for electric vehicle and energy storage applications.

4. Automated Test Systems (ATE)

Chroma’s ATE systems are designed for high-volume production testing and quality assurance.

8000 ATS

  • Power Supply Test System: Comprehensive test system for power supplies, including AC/DC, DC/DC, and battery chargers. It provides automated testing for functional and safety compliance.

ATE for EV Components

  • EV/HEV Test Systems: Automated test systems specifically designed for testing electric vehicle components such as motor drivers, on-board chargers, and power electronics.
Chroma Repair


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