California Instruments AST4503 Power Supply Repair and Calibration

California Instruments AST4503 Repair and Calibration


California Instruments AST4503 Asterion AC + DC Power Supply, 4500VA / 4500W, 1 or 3 Phase, (up to 400VAC) Repair and Calibration


California Instruments Repair

California Instruments, specializes in providing programmable AC power sources and AC/DC power supplies. These products are known for their precision, reliability, and versatility, and they cater to a wide range of applications, including testing and simulation of electrical and electronic products. Here is an overview of California Instruments' products and their functionalities:

1. Programmable AC Power Sources

California Instruments offers a variety of programmable AC power sources that are designed to simulate and provide precise AC power for testing purposes.

iX Series

  • Features: High-performance AC power sources with advanced features such as arbitrary waveform generation, harmonic analysis, and measurement capabilities.
  • Applications: Ideal for applications requiring precise control of AC voltage and frequency, such as testing household appliances, avionics, and telecommunications equipment.

MX Series

  • Features: High-power AC and DC power sources with advanced measurement and analysis capabilities. These units can generate complex waveforms and provide high output power.
  • Applications: Suitable for high-power applications such as testing electric vehicles, renewable energy systems, and industrial equipment.

LS Series

  • Features: Cost-effective AC power sources with basic functionality, including programmable voltage and frequency.
  • Applications: Used in general-purpose testing and simulation environments where basic AC power is required.

2. AC/DC Power Supplies

California Instruments also provides a range of AC/DC power supplies designed for a variety of applications requiring both AC and DC power.

CS Series

  • Features: Compact and versatile AC/DC power supplies that offer both AC and DC outputs. These units can operate in both modes, providing flexibility for different testing scenarios.
  • Applications: Used in applications such as product development, automated test equipment (ATE), and quality assurance testing.

3. Harmonic and Flicker Analyzers

California Instruments offers advanced harmonic and flicker analyzers designed to measure and analyze power quality issues.

HFA Series

  • Features: High-precision analyzers capable of measuring harmonics, interharmonics, flicker, and other power quality parameters.
  • Applications: Ideal for compliance testing according to international standards such as IEC 61000-3-2 and IEC 61000-3-3, which are relevant for electrical and electronic product manufacturers.

4. Power Conditioning Equipment

California Instruments provides power conditioning equipment to ensure stable and clean power for sensitive equipment.

APM Series

  • Features: Power conditioning units designed to regulate and stabilize the output voltage and frequency. These units can protect sensitive equipment from voltage fluctuations and power disturbances.
  • Applications: Used in environments where stable and reliable power is critical, such as laboratories, manufacturing plants, and medical facilities.
California Instruments Repair


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