BEI Encoder Repair

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June Company Industrial Services service engineers and electronic technicians offer professional BEI encoder repair services. In fact, we offer international repair and calibration services for many models from many manufacturers of test equipment. To receive a BEI encoder repair service quotation, simply fill out the BEI encoder Quick Quote Form, and a knowledgeable customer service associate will respond to you as soon as possible.


BEI Encoder Repair

Repair and calibration services for the BEI encoder repair are offered domestically in North America and internationally. After BEI encoder repairs are performed, our factory-trained electronics technicians will then load test the unit and calibrate to manufacturer specifications. All BEI encoder repair and calibration services are performed after customer approval.


BEI Repair

BEI Sensors specializes in manufacturing precision sensor products designed for motion control and position sensing in industrial and harsh environment applications. Their product range includes rotary encoders, linear encoders, potentiometers, and more. Here is an overview of BEI Sensors' key products and their functionalities:

1. Rotary Encoders

  • Incremental Encoders: Provide output signals for each incremental step of rotation, used for speed and position feedback in motors and machinery.
  • Absolute Encoders: Provide unique position values for each shaft position, ensuring accurate position tracking even after power loss. Available in both single-turn and multi-turn versions.
  • Optical and Magnetic Encoders: Optical encoders use light to detect position changes, offering high precision, while magnetic encoders use magnetic fields, providing robustness in harsh environments.

2. Linear Encoders

  • Incremental Linear Encoders: Measure linear displacement by producing a series of pulses corresponding to the linear movement.
  • Absolute Linear Encoders: Provide absolute position feedback along a linear path, ensuring continuous position tracking.

3. Potentiometers

  • Rotary Potentiometers: Measure rotational position by varying resistance as the shaft turns. Used in a variety of applications for angle measurement and control.
  • Linear Potentiometers: Measure linear position or displacement through a variable resistance mechanism.
BEI Sensors Repair

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  1. Stanley Dodson

    We had several obsolete BEI encoders that needed repair, and we were impressed how they still had parts and the repair time was exceptional.

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