Associated Research 05472A Hipot Tester Repair and Calibration

Associated Research 05472A Repair and Calibration


Associated Research 05472A DC Hipot Tester Repair and Calibration Repair and Calibration


Associated Research Repair

Associated Research (AR), part of Ikonix USA, specializes in electrical safety compliance testing equipment. Their products are designed to help manufacturers ensure the safety and compliance of electrical products and components with various regulatory standards. Here are some key product categories offered by Associated Research and their functionalities:

1. Hipot Testers

  • Hypot® Series: Instruments designed to perform dielectric strength tests, also known as high potential or hipot tests. These tests verify that electrical insulation in a product can withstand high voltage without breaking down.
  • OMNIA® II Series: Multi-function electrical safety compliance analyzers that can perform AC/DC hipot tests, insulation resistance tests, and ground bond tests.

2. Ground Bond Testers

  • HYAMP® Series: Ground bond testers measure the integrity of the ground connection in electrical products. They ensure that grounding paths can carry sufficient current to protect users from electric shock.
  • OMNIA® II Series: Incorporates ground bond testing capabilities along with other electrical safety tests in one device.

3. Insulation Resistance Testers

  • Hypot® Series: Also includes insulation resistance testing to measure the resistance of insulating materials in electrical products, ensuring they provide adequate protection against electrical leakage.
  • OMNIA® II Series: Multi-function analyzers that perform insulation resistance testing alongside hipot and ground bond tests.

4. Functional and Run Testers

  • Hypot® Series with Run Test Capabilities: Allows manufacturers to perform functional and run tests on their products, ensuring they operate correctly under normal conditions and meet performance specifications.

5. Leakage Current Testers

  • OMNIA® II Series: These testers measure the leakage current that flows through a product’s insulation and enclosures, ensuring it is within safe limits to prevent electric shock.
  • HypotULTRA® Series: Provides advanced leakage current measurement capabilities along with other electrical safety tests.
Associated Research Repair


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