Amplifier Research Repair

Amplifier Research 25S1G6AB Microwave Amplifier Repair and Calibration

Amplifier Research 25S1G6AB Repair and Calibration


Amplifier Research 25S1G6AB Microwave Amplifiers, 1 – 6 GHz, 25W Repair and Calibration


Amplifier Research Repair

Amplifier Research (AR) provides high-performance RF and microwave amplifiers, antennas, test systems, and other related products. Their products are widely used in various industries, including telecommunications, military, aerospace, and medical fields. Here are some key product categories offered by Amplifier Research and their functionalities:

1. RF and Microwave Amplifiers

  • Solid State Amplifiers: Provide high power and wide bandwidth for applications in testing, communications, and defense. Available in various frequency ranges from DC to 50 GHz and power levels up to several kilowatts.
  • Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs): High-power amplifiers for applications requiring very high power in the microwave frequency range. Often used in radar, electronic warfare, and communication systems.

2. Antennas

  • Broadband Antennas: Cover wide frequency ranges and are used in EMC testing, signal monitoring, and communications. Types include log periodic, horn, and biconical antennas.
  • Specialty Antennas: Designed for specific applications such as EMC testing, shielding effectiveness, and other specialized tests.

3. Test Systems

  • EMC Test Systems: Complete systems for testing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) to ensure that electronic devices meet regulatory standards. These systems include signal generators, receivers, and software for comprehensive EMC testing.
  • Radiated Immunity Test Systems: Used to test the immunity of electronic devices to radiated electromagnetic fields, ensuring they can operate correctly in their intended electromagnetic environment.
Amplifier Research Repair


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