AMCI Resolver Repair

June Company Industrial Services service engineers and electronic technicians offer professional AMCI resolver repair services. In fact, we offer international repair and calibration services for many models from many manufacturers of test equipment. To receive an AMCI resolver repair service quotation, simply fill out the AMCI Quick Quote Form, and a knowledgeable customer service associate will respond to you as soon as possible.


AMCI Resolver Repair

Repair and calibration services for the AMCI resolver repair are offered domestically in the United States and internationally. To receive an AMCI resolver repair quotation, please fill out the AMCI repair Quick Quote Form, and a knowledgeable customer service associate will respond to you, usually within an hour. Standard and rush AMCI resolver repair services are available, as well as AMCI resolver calibration services. All AMCI resolver repair and calibration services are performed after customer approval.


AMCI Resolver Repair

Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI) specializes in providing high-performance motion control products and solutions for industrial automation. Their offerings are designed to enhance the precision, efficiency, and reliability of automated processes. Here are some key products offered by AMCI and their functionalities:
  1. Step Motion Control:
    • Stepper Motors: Provide precise control of rotational position and speed, ideal for applications requiring accurate positioning and repeatable movement.
    • Stepper Motor Controllers/Drivers: Interface with stepper motors to control their operation, providing necessary current and voltage to drive the motors accurately.
  2. Motion Control Modules:
    • PLC Modules: Integrate directly with various PLC brands (such as Allen-Bradley and Siemens), adding motion control capabilities to the PLCs. These modules allow for coordinated motion control and can manage multiple axes.
    • Programmable Stepper Controllers: Standalone units that offer flexible motion control for stepper motors, programmable via various communication interfaces.
  3. Encoders:
    • Rotary Encoders: Measure the rotational position and speed of a shaft or axle, providing feedback for precise motion control. Available in both incremental and absolute types.
    • Linear Encoders: Measure the linear position and speed of a moving part, providing feedback for applications requiring accurate linear motion.
  4. Resolvers:
    • Brushless Resolvers: Provide robust position feedback in harsh environments, offering high reliability and durability. They are used in applications requiring precise angle and velocity measurements.
    • Resolver Interface Modules: Interface resolvers with control systems, converting resolver signals into usable data for motion control applications.
  5. Position Sensing:
    • Position Transducers: Convert physical position information into electrical signals, used for monitoring and controlling the position of mechanical components.
    • Position Feedback Devices: Provide accurate position information for various automation applications, ensuring precise control and monitoring of movement.
  6. Integrated Solutions:
    • Integrated Stepper Motor Drives: Combine stepper motors with built-in drivers, reducing wiring complexity and space requirements. These units simplify the integration process in automation systems.
    • Integrated Motion Control Systems: Comprehensive systems that combine multiple motion control components into a single package, offering a complete solution for complex motion control tasks.
AMCI Repair


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