Sonel KT-400-19 Thermal Imager Repair

June Company Industrial Services repair service engineers and electronic technicians offer professional Sonel KT-400-19 thermal imager repair service. In fact, we offer Sonel international repair and ISO calibration services for many models from many test equipment manufacturers. To receive a Sonel KT-400-19 thermal imager service quotation, simply fill out the Sonel Quick Quote Form, and a knowledgeable customer service associate will respond to you as soon as possible.


Sonel KT-400-19 Thermal Imager Repair

June Company Industrial Services repair service technicians and electrical engineers offer professional Sonel KT-400-19 thermal imager repair and ISO 9001 calibration service. In fact, we offer repair and ISO calibration services for many models from many manufacturers of test equipment. A fully radiometric, high-resolution camera that records temperature at each point of the image. To receive a Sonel repair service quotation, simply fill out the Sonel repair inquiry form and one of our customer service associates will respond to you as soon as possible.


Sonel Repair

Sonel is a manufacturer specializing in test and measurement instruments, primarily for electrical installations and safety. Their products are used in various fields, including electrical engineering, maintenance, telecommunications, and industrial automation. Here are some key Sonel products and their functionalities:
  1. Insulation Resistance Testers:
    • MIC-10k1: This high-voltage insulation resistance tester measures insulation resistance up to 10 TΩ with test voltages up to 10 kV. It's used for testing insulation in cables, transformers, motors, and other high-voltage equipment.
    • MIC-2510: This model measures insulation resistance up to 25 TΩ with test voltages up to 2.5 kV, suitable for various electrical installations and equipment testing.
  2. Earth Resistance and Resistivity Meters:
    • MRU-30: This meter measures earth resistance and soil resistivity using various methods (e.g., Wenner, Schlumberger) and is used for testing grounding systems and soil resistivity in construction and electrical installations.
    • MRU-120: This advanced earth resistance and resistivity meter offers multiple measurement methods and is ideal for comprehensive grounding system assessments.
  3. Multifunction Electrical Installation Testers:
    • MPI-540: This multifunction tester performs a range of electrical installation tests, including continuity, insulation resistance, loop impedance, RCD testing, and more. It's used for verifying the safety and compliance of electrical installations.
    • MPI-5060: This model offers similar multifunctional testing capabilities with additional features for more advanced and comprehensive electrical testing.
  4. Low Resistance Ohmmeters:
    • MRU-200: This device measures low resistance with high accuracy and is used for testing the integrity of electrical connections, such as bonding in grounding systems and continuity in conductive paths.
    • MIC-2510: This ohmmeter measures low resistance in a wide range of applications, ensuring the reliability and safety of electrical connections.
  5. Power Quality Analyzers:
    • PQM-703: This analyzer measures and records various power quality parameters, including voltage, current, harmonic distortion, and energy consumption. It's used for monitoring and analyzing power quality in electrical networks.
    • PQM-711: This advanced power quality analyzer provides comprehensive analysis and logging of power quality data, helping to diagnose and resolve power quality issues in industrial and commercial installations.
  6. Clamp Meters:
    • CMP-200: This clamp meter measures AC/DC current, voltage, resistance, continuity, and more, used for non-intrusive current measurements and electrical diagnostics.
    • CMP-300: This model offers higher accuracy and additional measurement functions, suitable for more demanding electrical testing and troubleshooting tasks.
  7. Thermal Imagers:
    • KT-150: This thermal imager provides thermal imaging and temperature measurement for detecting heat patterns and anomalies in electrical systems, mechanical equipment, and building diagnostics.
    • KT-400: This advanced thermal imager offers higher resolution and additional features for detailed thermal analysis and diagnostics.
  8. Portable Appliance Testers (PAT):
    • PAT-860: This tester checks the safety of portable electrical appliances by measuring parameters such as insulation resistance, earth continuity, and leakage current. It's used for routine safety checks in workplaces and public buildings.
    • PAT-830: This model offers similar functionality with user-friendly features for efficient appliance testing and compliance verification.
  9. Light Meters:
    • LM-400: This light meter measures illuminance (lux) for assessing lighting conditions in workplaces, public areas, and industrial settings, ensuring compliance with lighting standards.
    • LM-500: This advanced light meter provides higher accuracy and additional features for comprehensive lighting assessments and audits.
  10. Voltage Testers:
    • VK-5: This voltage tester detects the presence of AC/DC voltage and continuity in electrical circuits, used for basic electrical diagnostics and safety checks.
    • VK-8: This model offers additional features such as phase rotation indication and higher voltage range for more versatile electrical testing.
  11. RCD Testers:
    • MPI-506: This RCD tester verifies the functionality and trip time of residual current devices (RCDs), ensuring the safety of electrical installations by preventing electric shock and fire hazards.
    • MPI-502: This model provides similar RCD testing capabilities with additional features for more comprehensive safety testing.
Sonel products are known for their reliability, accuracy, and user-friendly design, making them essential tools for ensuring electrical safety and compliance in various applications.
Sonel Repair


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