Fluke Networks Analyzer Repair

June Company Industrial Services electronics technician’s repair and calibrates Fluke DSP-4000 series cable analyzers on a daily basis. Our Fluke electronic technicians and engineers have also been using Fluke DSP series network testers in the field for over a decade. We stress to our Fluke electronic technicians that repair is only half of the job. Understanding the network testers and cable analyzers our electronic technicians are repairing thoroughly in the test stage is paramount as well. Once the Fluke DSP-4000 cable analyzers are repaired, the cable analyzers then go through a rigorous testing procedure, then the calibration stage is performed. NIST calibration for ISO-9000 is also encouraged if the Fluke cable analyzers are used for government, military or industrial testing.

After repairing Fluke cable analyzers over the years our electronic technicians have learned and seen subtle nuances that only someone can understand with working with a product for so long it is almost a relationship with the meter and the engineers that designed the meter. A good analogy is when a person has driven a vehicle for years and understands every sound and feel of that particular machine and all of a sudden there is a tick or other sound or feeling. All of our electronics technicians agree to the premise as when they have seen and repaired so many network analyzers that they know them better than their own vehicle (they are technicians, not mechanics) right when they power the Fluke network analyzer on. This is how well seasoned they are. Our network analyzer and cable tester repair facility now perform Firmware Updates for the Fluke DSP-4100 series cable analyzers as well.

The Fluke DSP-4300 cable analyzer was the Creme Del La Creme (in our opinion) at least in its time… Why? Groundbreaking technology on every networking level and a myriad of accessories to accommodate any network technology and topology in existence again at the time. Any adapter for any network topology, personality modules, ahead of the then networking infrastructure to make Fluke Networks by far the recipient of Best of Technology awards time and time again. The famous (at least in the IT networking world) led to the Fluke DTX series providing the Fluke DTX-1200, Fluke DTX-1500, and the most popular to this day for our repair team the Fluke DTX-1800 cable and fiber analyzers. Our Fluke electronic’s technicians and engineers are right with the technology to stay on top of the hardware and is to be Nona-technology in the near future.

Once we thought the Fluke DSP series really handled it all then Fluke Networks came out with the Fluke Networks DTX series network testers that really changed network testers, network cable analyzers, and fiber cable verification which is needed for most military, government buildings, municipalities, and businesses worldwide. Recently discontinued, Fluke Networks moved on to better technologies to the Fluke Versiv family of network testers, cable analyzers, and verifiers. Our electronics engineers and electronics technicians fell in love with the Fluke DTX series cable analyzers because the time to analyze and certify was unbelievably faster than its predecessor DSP-4000 series. Our Fluke electronics technicians are as much customers as electronics repair technicians. June Company Industrial Services electronics technicians and engineers use the Fluke Networks analyzers as much as they repair the Fluke meters and as they are avid Fluke Networks followers with a passion on both the repair side and the field service applications side. June Company Industrial Services, Inc. Fluke Networks repair facility now performs Fluke Networks DTX Firmware updates for the Fluke Networks DTX-1200, DTX-1500, DTX-1800 cable analyzers as well as ISO/NIST traceable calibration for certification.

Although Fluke Networks engineers and electronics technicians have done an amazing job to strengthen the Fluke DTX meters, they still have to endure the roughest test environments. Let’s face it if you have been in the field using the Fluke electrical meter or Fluke networks cable analyzer and cable testers we run into some precarious positions and heights, and all of a sudden the Fluke cable analyzer falls or slides in the worst place possible. Our Fluke technicians have been there and this is why we know which parts to stock to keep the repair time down to a minimum. Our repair facility now performs Fluke Networks cable analyzer Firmware Updates for the Fluke DTX -1200, DTX-1500, or DTX-1800 network cable analyzers. If you are in need of a Fluke Networks meter repair and calibration, please fill out the Quick Quote Form to begin the repair & calibration with your timeline is very much a crucial step to begin the repair procedures and get your business back up and running as needed.

Finally, we hate to see the Fluke DTX family of network analyzers go especially the Fluke DTX-1800 network testers since we service the Fluke DTX-1800 network testers by far more than any other network analyzer manufactured. However, we still repair Fluke DTX-1800 meters every week and calibrate on a weekly basis as well. These network testers are still widely for government facilities, military bases, educational institutions, as well as businesses for cable testing and cable verification. Thus, we repair these fiber optic & cable analyzer meters and have a very large parts inventory as well as offer network analyzer calibration services for government certification. June Company Industrial Services also offers Fluke Networks analyzer repair services, Fluke Networks NIST/ISO9000 calibration services as well as Fluke Networks field services on-site. Our repair facility now performs Fluke Networks DTX series cable analyzer Firmware updates.