Network Tester Repair

(Copper & Fiber Optic)

At June Company, our technical expertise extends to the repair and calibration of a wide range of high-end cable analyzers and network testers. We proudly offer repair services for renowned brands such as Fluke Networks, NetScout, NetAlly, JDSU, and VIAVI, encompassing both network copper testers and network optical fiber testers compatible with all major cabling manufacturers.

Copper and Fiber Expertise:

Our repair services cover a comprehensive spectrum of network configurations, including 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T for copper-based networks. Additionally, we specialize in single-fiber and multi-fiber testers for optical fiber networks, ensuring that all your testing equipment is restored to exacting manufacturer specifications.

Precision Repair and Calibration:

Upon receiving your network tester, our skilled technicians embark on a precision repair process. This meticulous approach addresses all aspects of the instrument, from hardware components to software modules. Our goal is to not only restore functionality but also enhance the performance of your network tester.

Following the repair phase, we execute thorough network tester and network module calibration procedures. Calibration is paramount to ensure that your equipment operates with the utmost accuracy and reliability. We adhere to strict NIST and ISO calibration standards, guaranteeing that your network tester aligns with industry-recognized precision benchmarks.

Network Cable Testing:

Network cable testing is a fundamental element in ensuring seamless data communication. With the advent of technologies like 10GBASE-T, staying updated on Ethernet cabling and network cable testing practices is imperative. Our services encompass a range of critical network tests, including:

  • Length: Verifying cable length to meet specific transmission requirements.
  • Wiremap: Identifying and rectifying issues related to cable connections.
  • Attenuation: Evaluating signal loss along the cable length.
  • NEXT (Near-End Crosstalk): Detecting interference between adjacent cable pairs.
  • DC Loop Resistance: Measuring resistance to ensure optimal signal flow.
  • Return Loss: Assessing signal reflection for optimal data transmission.

Certification and Validation:

June Company takes pride in offering NIST and ISO calibration services for network testers and cable certifiers. These certifications are invaluable for businesses, military organizations, government agencies, schools, public buildings, and colleges. By providing certification forms, we empower you to validate the testing and calibration processes for your clients, ensuring transparency and compliance with industry standards.

June Company stands as your trusted partner in the repair, calibration, and certification of network testers. Our commitment to technical excellence and adherence to stringent calibration standards ensures that your network testing equipment remains a reliable asset for your organization.

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