Drone Inspection For Electrical Utilities

Drone Services For Electrical Utilities

Utility transformers for residential and commercial applications are usually out in the harsh elements’ day in and day out, hopefully for years, but unfortunately everything has a limit, including the functionality and integrity of utility transformers.  The hot, cold, wet, and dry are very hard on the sealed case causing just a minor break in the seal or crack in a terminal that will cause moisture to seep in and cause damage then in most cases explode, and a power outage occurs. With a preventive maintenance program, this could be discovered, rebuilt, and used again, during a scheduled outage with customers much more informed and the circumstances less dangerous.

 Utility substation aerial monitoring and periodic examination allow power companies to make critical decisions to replace important components at a predetermined date at the substation to keep power up and running. Also, unfortunately, physical damage due to vandalism, cutting of security fencing, theft of copper (transformer stored on-premises), and theft of copper during construction can also be deterred. With a video archive, law enforcement will have a better window of time when an assailant perpetrates a crime. If you are in need of a scheduled inspection with high-resolution images and videos, please fill out our Service Request form and a technician will contact you as soon as possible.

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Electrical power line preventive maintenance and deterioration monitoring and logging. Monitoring power lines, poles, and infrastructure will repair problems before a power outage and physical damage that may cause further physical damage, electrical outages, and harm to humans. A majority of these lines and utility poles are unseen by humans for several miles, making it less probable to be taken care of until they fail and cause an outage for several towns. Please fill out the Service Request Form and an engineer can answer any questions you may have.

 Weather damage to utility lines, poles, insulators, breakers, fuses, and connecting hardware can have significant economic and safety implications. Severe weather events like storms, heavy snowfall, and high winds can lead to power outages, disrupting essential services for communities and industries. For instance, fallen utility poles or damaged lines can pose risks to public safety, cause traffic disruptions, and result in costly repairs. Moreover, corrosion and wear caused by prolonged exposure to adverse weather conditions can weaken these components, potentially leading to faults that might escalate into larger-scale issues if not addressed promptly with drone visual testing and oversight.
To counter these challenges, drone testing and preventive maintenance for utility companies invest in ongoing oversight and preventive maintenance programs. Regular inspections and assessments with drones help identify vulnerable areas, allowing for timely repairs or replacements before more extensive damage occurs. Implementing protective measures such as coatings to prevent corrosion, reinforcing critical infrastructure, and using advanced materials can also extend the lifespan of utility components and enhance their resilience to weather-related stresses. For a drone preventive maintenance plan, please fill out the Service Request Form and we will reply as soon as possible.